Awakening the Serpent: Trance of Erotic Dance


This workshop will explore erotic dance through various exercises created to awaken shakti, the feminine energy dwelling in all. Dancers will learn how to invoke and embody the Goddess through sensual movements, ecstatic dance and divine connection. Please wear garments that make you feel sensual. Scarves, veils and props are welcomed and encouraged.

Divine Feminine Gnosis & Our Prophetic Wombs

[All Ages, Womyn Only]

In the modern new age and the reclamation of pagan spirituality, one of the most powerful aspects of this re-emergence is the Goddess and the worship of the divine feminine. The archetype of the Goddess can be a very powerful awakening, connecting us with lost knowledge. As womyn, we are gifted with strong intuitions and prophetic sensibilities. We bleed and shed with the moon and hold creation of life within our wombs The womb is our inner sacred temple, the house of strong magic, power and energy. But what does it mean for a womyn to embody divine feminine? What are the tools and practices of this tradition? What have we lost to ancient history? What have we learned through our reclamation and our collective sharing? This workshop is dedicated to exploring the reclamation, practices, the tools and the natural prophetic gifts of being a womyn, honoring and strengthening our collective wisdoms as Priestesses of the Divine Feminine.

Embracing the Dark Goddess

[18+ Womyn Only]

Traditions of the Dark Goddess are many and incredibly diverse, yet they all hold within them core truths representing some of the most frightening aspects of our individual paths: destruction and death; fears we have yet to face; and mysteries that we have yet to uncover. If we could learn to embrace Her, releasing fear of the dark shadows within our own psyche’s and sexuality, we would see that She holds within Her the wisdom and strength which we need to heal ourselves emotionally and to become more empowered and spiritually connected. In this discussion we will explore some of the traditions of the Dark Goddess and answer questions: What are Her connections to our sacred sexuality? How do we engage Her wisdom and respond? What might our lives look like when empowered by the Dark Goddess within all of us?

Heiros Gamos: The Goddess & Her Consort


The ceremonially sanctified union of the Goddess invoked Priestess Avatar and her consort (known by many names including shepherd, high king or bridegroom) is a re-occurring theme in history and biblical texts. This workshop will explore the Sumerian sacred, sex-positive, public ritual, referred to as Heiros Gamos by the ancient Greeks. We will also discuss mythologies of the Goddess and consort from around the world and the practices of sacred sexuality that are re-emerging from these ancient beliefs.

Introducing the Red Tent

The Red Tent is a sacred space devoted to the womyn of the community. It reflects and is inspired by the various ancient traditions of the moon lodge and came about after the same titled book by Anita Diamant was published. Many women began creating Red Tent spaces in their homes and communities. Some inspired by other Red tents and many as part of a collective awakening unaware the others even existed. For all who are curious about the Red Tent, the origins of the collective and what exactly happens in tis tent, this is an open house invitation to the community to come and meet-up, hang out, ask questions, learn about the tools, workshops and events and get involved. All are welcome!

The Kiss of the Goddess

Within each of us reside both the masculine and the feminine. We live in a binary world that often does not honor this sacred dance of balance and often men become disconnected with their own feminine aspects. In this workshop we will explore what it is to embody Goddess, how this transforms our sexuality and intimate connections. We will share stories and truths and raise Divine Feminine energy.  This workshop is invitation and an opportunity for the men of the community to come together and honor the Divine Feminine within. 

Living Goddess Castings

[Part I and Part II]

[18+ Womyn Only, Part I of the workshop can only be done indoors, and requires a dry space to store the castings for 24 hours, to allow the castings to harden before Part II. As an addition to this workshop I can also explore the numerous possibilities of casting as fetish and bondage play.]

Dirty Mother will guide and assist participants through an empowering and experiential workshop of the human body as personification of the divine. By creating body castings we are immortalizing our own sacred bodies and further strengthening our connection; through self-worship, to the God/dess within. In this workshop you will be touched and encouraged to assist in casting other consenting attendees. If you feel you may have an allergic reaction to the massage oils used for castings, please bring your preferred oils with you. Donations for materials appreciated.

Part I
As a group we will spend the first part of the workshop working together to create castings of our torsos. Our hands together forming the many layers of the casting, honoring and aligning ourselves to the Goddess made flesh in each of our unique forms.

Part II
Once the cast has fully dried, the second part of the workshop will include participants writing prayers, painting and adorning our living goddess castings. As we share with each other the stories and prayers that we bestow into our personalized creations, we will manifest her beauty and power as she comes to life in our hands.

Living Goddess Temple

[All Ages, Womyn Only]

We all worship at her altar, She of many myths and attributes. She of many names who guides us and gives us faith. How do we embody her? How do we manifest her love? Her Strength? Her wisdom? We honor her with sacred rites and devotion. We recognize and honor her through each other. We are the embodiment of the Goddess in all her many aspects. Come join this celebration of devotion to the divine feminine that presides within.

Mother Drum Circle

[All Ages. Womyn Only]

There is something to be learned from a womyn’s drum circle and something beautiful that happens when womyn drum together. If you seek a relaxed, receptive and supportive space to explore the drum, come share in this collective heartbeat. All forms of percussive instruments, didgeridoos, dancers and singers are welcome.

My Body is Divine, My Body is Mine

[All Ages. Womyn Only]

Do you feel the backlash of current political trends that seek to disempower womyn? Do you need to vent? This facilitated discussion is for you. Let us gather and share our unique perspectives as Pagan womyn by discussing current politics that affect our status as womyn. Open hearts and open minds are welcome.

Persephone’s Healing Circle

[18+, Womyn Only]

We dedicate this time in the Red Tent to holding sacred space for womyn who are sexual abuse survivors. We will begin the circle with an introduction to the Red Tent; discuss sexual abuse, rape culture, consent, and reproductive health. The circle will include two grounding meditations, and all womyn will have an opportunity to speak their truths and support each other in a safe and healing space.

 The Priestess to the Prostitute


In our modern world the term prostitution conjures much negative reaction, viewed as an illegal act, performed by those treated as subhuman and in a growing number of cases forced into a life of slavery. Buried under 5,000 years of patriarchy is the knowledge that prostitution was once considered a sacred art practiced by Priestesses’ in temples devoted to Inanna, Astarte & Ishtar. This workshop will explore the ancient temples, the Judaic re-shaping of her image and follow the path of prostitution throughout history to today’s politics, legalities and standards. We will discuss the pros and cons of consensual sex work and the harsh realities of human trafficking.  We will also take a look at the resurgence of the sacred whore and the practice of sacred sexuality as it re-emerges in the modern world.

The Re-emergence of Mary Magdalene

Her name conjures many titles, The Apostle of Apostles, prostitute, Jesus’ wife, and more recently Priestess of the Goddess. So many speculations, conspiracies and scandals surround the stories of this one woman from the bible. With historians, theologians, feminist, novelists and Christian women all chiming in with new theories of her truths buried deep in religious doctrine. The one truth among all is that the archetype of Mary Magdalene has something more to tell us. This exploration can have a profound impact on how we look at women in the bible and the beginnings of Christianity, and the power to build bridges connecting all women spiritually. Join us for a celebration of Mary Magdalene, let’s tell her stories and discuss.

Reclaiming Womyn’s Rites and Mysteries

[Womyn Only]

Come explore, discuss and speculate divine feminine worship through ancient poetry, text and art. Reclaiming the Goddess, in her many forms is an awakening from power over to power from within for all womyn of the world. When we collectively unveil her lost truths, we begin to understand our own hidden mysteries and personal truths. This workshop will include discussions of the earliest forms of Goddess worship, the patriarchal shift to monotheism, Lilith’s exile to the dead sea, ancient and tribal honoring’s of menstruation, and other lost rites that honored the divine feminine.

 Sacred Self Marriage

Description Coming Soon!

 Sacred Blood Rites

[Womyn Only]

A workshop on the moon, menses and magic. For many young womyn coming of age is a confusing and sometimes shameful experience. As adult womyn, we learn to suppress these feelings and associate our moon time as taboo or as a negative aspect of femininity. The reality is that womyn bleed to renew life and this “period” of time should be recognized as sacred and profound. Womyn need to fully realize the powerful magic they possess during their menses to heal and renew. We need to celebrate and develop positive sacred blood rites to carry us through our maiden, mother and crone years. In the workshop we will discuss the taboo’s, share stories and learn to empower and make effective healing practices during our moon time.

Sex Work and the Modern Quadishtu


This discussion group is dedicated to all who are interested in reclaiming the work and advancing the knowledge of the Sacred Whore. Quadishtu is defined as a temple Priestess invoked as Ishtar, bestowing the gift of negation, transformation and transcendence to the temple devotee in a divine sexual rite.  For many today, this ancient practice has re-emerged in new various forms as a profound pathway and source for sexual healing and union with the divine feminine. The discussion will include the ancient practices and beliefs of Inanna’s temples and the Babylonian Quadishtu, the politics and legalities of modern day sex work and how we transcend the romanticized past and current sub-humanized status of prostitution to develop a positive, healthy and safe practice of these sacred rites in our communities.

True Consent: Womyn, Submission and Self Love

[18+ Womyn Only]

We have a responsibility to ourselves and to the sacred kink community to dialogue and learn from each other’s experiences, to support and empower each other as womyn, and to create safe and sacred space to explore all forms of kink. The hot topic of true consent is a reoccurring issue that should always be openly addressed. Where is the line between what is healthy consent and empty verbal agreements? Between healing catharsis and cyclical abuse? How do we discover and identify our boundaries and know when to push them and when to hold them fortified. How do we identify healthy relationships and experiences? These questions are not so easily answered one way, the complexity and controversy surrounding consent is the very reason we must continually hold the discussion and as Pagan womyn honor the Goddess within ourselves by making our kink reflect our self-love in all decisions we make.

Yoni Love and Self Care

[18+, Womyn Only]

In the last few years, with the growing numbers of Red Tent collectives and the internet, information and inspirations are available to womyn more than ever before. The landscape has truly been changing in many positive and empowering ways. Tools for discussion and demonstrations will include: menstrual cups, menstrual apps, yoni eggs, herbal steam baths and cycle beads. Come explore the tools of yoni love and self-care and bring a few of your own to share.

The Yoni & The Speculum

[18+ Indoors, a massage table must be provided]

This workshop is for those radical womyn who would like to explore their own sacred yoni on a deeper level with a partner [or for those of who have a fetish to play doctor.] Dirty Mother will guide participants step by step through the medical techniques to perform a speculum examination while also sharing valuable reproductive health tips. All womyn attending will have the option of viewing their own cervix as well as giving there partner the full reign of trust in performing such an intimate endeavor. All participants must sign-up for the workshop at The Red Tent and purchase a plastic speculum for $5 or a surgical steel speculum for $15.