A Sacred Space &

a Sacred Movement

for Womyn


The Red Tent was first built 10 years ago, after I spent many years doing Ladies Teas at my own house, working in feminist collectives and any other event I could muster up a cackle of witches for. The mission was to create a sacred space for womyn to explore their sexuality and learn about their reproductive health. After reading, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, I was compelled to learn more about empowering with my moon cycle and wanted to integrate this knowledge into the sacred space. Into a year of doing the work, I was amazed to discover other womyn had the same calling and Red Tents have now manifested all over the world. I am very proud to be a part of this collective awakening and to be a part of reclaiming the tradition of moon lodges, which continually affirms my faith in facilitating sacred space for womyn. What you will find in this Red Tent is an open and comfortable environment that is lush in sensual colors and fabrics. A place of empowerment and healing.

The Red Tent is open to every womyn from those that have just begun their moon times to the wise crones of the community. [Dirty Mother’s Red Tent can be inclusive of teenage girls or adult womyn only]

Womyn Only- In the Red Tent we honor our collective experiences as womyn, we support and respect each womyn that finds her place in this collective. We ask that each womyn that attends a workshop or event respect and honor our yonis, our wombs, our moontimes and our collective & personal truths. If you embody the divine feminine, you are welcome.

[Adult Womyn Only- When The Red Tent is for adult only womyn at a “family friendly” event, we dedicate the space to womyns sacred sexuality. The tent will have walls and a curtained door with 18+ signs posted. We suggest setting the space in a more remote location]

This is the most important aspect of what The Red Tent taught me, the power of the collective consciousness. When women bleed together and raise energy in sacred spaces, they build bright beacons in the collective mind, making the cognitive signal stronger, the growing branches reaching out further… and the voice on the wind, calling women to gather together, can be heard in the deepest places of our knowing. Women awaken to the collective wombspace and come home. When all women renew their ties to their own moon mysteries, we heal ourselves. When we are together, we bleed together. This is not just magic but unexplained scientific phenomena. When we collectively bleed together in sacred spaces we are making positive transformation in our communities. When we collectively bleed on a global scale, we can shift the paradigms and bring great healing to the world. Within the mysteries of every woman’s blood is the collective Divine Feminine. The Red Tent is a catalyst for positive change.
— Denise Cumor
With its ability to address social problems, reflect values, knowledge, and the basic feelings of women, the Red Tent fulfils a constellation of gendered societal needs: To create a place that honors and celebrates women; enable open conversations about the things that women don’t want to talk about in other venues; promote positive ideals for womanhood; educate women about their bodies; educate women about natural menstrual remedies; create an open dialogue about sex; share birthing information; discuss issues of body image and self-acceptance; provide a place where women’s voices can be heard; to provide a spiritual place for women where they can laugh, cry, sing, dance, give each other back or foot rubs, play with face and body painting, give or receive massage and other types of body work, tell stories, eat soup, drink tea, sleep, meditate, journal, share poetry, create artwork, knit … just to name a few!
— Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost
The Red Tent is a phenomenon and a movement that is unique to women. Inspired by the bestselling novel of the Old Testament, The Red Tent (1997) by Anita Diamant, women have spontaneously created a contemporary tradition of red fabric “tent” spaces that honor and promote women’s healing.
— The Association of Women and Mythology