Red Tent Testimonials...

For Denise Cumor, The Red Tent is not just a gathering place for women to meet. It is a healing environment where women are able to process and grow. Denise has years of experience helping women to become more enlightened about their bodies and their path. She has taken the time to research her material and often consults experts in various areas to ensure the participants experience the most current and effective methods available. She continually looks to expand her knowledge through literature and peer support. As a participant, I have found the Red Tent to be a calm meditative space where I was able to heal my heart and become rejuvenated through the energy of other women. As a professional working with battered women, I have seen women who were hurting, become able to begin the mending process due to the nurturing environment facilitated by Denise’s influence. In my opinion, Denise’s Red Tent is a positive influence for all women. She is welcoming to all ages, race and backgrounds. She has something positive to offer both young women and old. When she opens her doors, she opens her heart and welcomes you in.
— Donna Longuillo, CSW, DRCC
I didn’t know how closed off I had become. The work environment and raising kids were sterile places for me where my sexuality were buried. A part of me was buried for over a decade until awoken in the red tent. Thank you! I can’t express how much healthier and happier I have been since.
— Laura Szyikowski
I think it’s so important to have these sacred spaces where women can come together and connect. In my experience with the Red Tent, it felt like a space where all of the women involved were committed to creating this kind of safe space, a place where they could be themselves and grow and experience love instead of judgment
— Kalina Barton Jones
A luxury to be a part of any experience in Dirty Mother´s space. All her wisdom, knowledge and freedom are a great inspiration for any being.
— Ela Alpi
From the second I met you, you greeted me with a warm hug! You are a true gift. I was and remain grateful our paths have crossed! You are a beautiful inspiration to me! Thank you..... I am truly thankful!!!! Love & light!!!
— Melissa Bertman Starke-Pitcher
In a world where women are constantly barraged from the media and even governments with opinions on how we should look, how we should act, how we should feel or not feel about sex, how we should do what THEY want with our bodies, that the very right over our own bodies should be someone else’s decision comes the balancing energies of The Dirty Mother. I have sat within the loving womb of her Red Tent and felt sheltered, protected, empowered and loved. The conversations and community built among the women during a red tent reminds us not only of our power as individuals but the power of women united. How our wounds and joys are shared experiences. It is with passion and joy that I encourage women to attend a ritual or rite within one of her Red Tents and be transformed among the loving wisdom of your sisters
— Vicki Petrella, Alchemy Healing Arts
Your inspiration and wisdom also helps old womyn like me. I finally reached that little girl deep within me, she stayed hidden in the safety of darkness, but she has found her way to the light. Once again, knowing the joys of music, laughter, dancing, the wonder of every little thing. Remembering the magic found in the simpleness of coloring a picture, riding a bike, playing in the dirt, or reading a book.And now, the old crone and the little girl are helping the primal woman in me to rejoice in magic, life, and love. Celebrating the abundance of life.
— Vicki Williams
So love you. Bleeding. Near the new moon. Using my moon cup. And an app called my moontime
— Christine Schnell Laplante, LMHC
Your work is some of the most important work I know. You are the divine goddess in ALL of her forms. Not just the “pretty” or the convenient parts. You are brave. You hold your ground in the face of the worst this world has to offer, and often for someone other than yourself. You walk your talk. You own your convictions in every moment of your life and can never be caught off balance by your own words. You do no harm. You understand that everyone’s work is their own and you don’t over push, you don’t over burden and you crack the whip with such fluffy love that your words and actions are motivators not things to run from.
— Patch Kyaio
YOU are a Force of the Goddess and one that reminds Me of what True Beauty, Courage, Strength, Knowledge, Power and Grace under Fire looks like as You walk this journey through Life. YOU inspire so many to live their truths, to reach deeper into their darkness in order to embrace the light within... You have Love, Support and Belief in YOU and YOUR work... All around you...
— Nikki Winkler
You have a fire like no one else I know. From the first day I found your “sacred female ejaculation” promo card in B’more I KNEW that you were one of my soul tribe. A long lost partner of lusty love and vivacious vaginas. I will continue to support the vision you have in ways I can.
— Sigre Kennedy
You are a Gorgeous Soul! You always have my support and anything else I can provide. You helped me learn to be comfortable with me and I’m still growing, learning, and accepting my sexuality.
— Samantha
Very gingerly and feeling very small, I walked up to this Red Tent, with my heart in my throat and crying so hard. I walked through the whole entire festival, usually I can talk and meet acquaintances fairly easy and for four days nobody said anything to me. I think my grief was so thick people couldn’t get around it and I couldn’t get out of my own way and I didn’t know how to empty my cup. I was in quite a predicament and then I met Denise at the Red Tent. She took one look at me, offered me a chair and let me cry. She stopped what she was doing. All intent and focus was on holding space for my grieving, giving time for the tears and did not judge. Welcomed me and my tears. Let me cry my ever living ass off and Denise acknowledged me, saying, “I see you.” I felt safe; she reassured me it was ok for me to cry in this Red Tent and helped me empty my cup, which I didn’t realize was so full. I began to realize that I had permission. It’s awful in a society that we get so brainwashed that sometimes we need permission to cry or feel deep in grieving. The funny think about filling one’s cup it has to be emptied first. Denise and Her Red Tent gave me a safe place. Thank you, Denise.
— Dawn