AUL Pro Women Fraud

A few years back I made a video to promote the “war on women” marches that spawned after an overwhelming backlash of bills and laws were introduced in 2011, aimed at attacking women’s reproductive rights. While doing the research, I discovered that much of the language and tactics were coming from one single group based in Washington, DC, Americans United for Life (AUL), “the legal architect of the pro-life movement.” I created the Facebook page, Women Against Americans United for Life, to do my part in bringing awareness to the primary source that provides the model policies for many of these new bills being introduced into several different states legislation.

This group has been strategically hacking away at women’s rights, state to state, since Roe vs Wade. They were involved in the recent Plan Parenthood videos and are a part of the current measures being taken to de-fund PP. They were behind getting the Susan B Komen Fund’s commitment to de-fund Plan Parenthood. They are behind the Personhood Initiatives, claiming that an egg is a human and should be legally protected. They are behind most, if not all, laws that require strict regulations for reproductive health clinics in America. Their strategy is to get clinics shut down, state to state,with unrealistic regulations and restrictions that they propose and support through right wing legislation. Some states, Like Texas and Mississippi, have very little options for women because of this. The next big move for AUL,would be to win a victory this coming summer when the Supreme Court takes it’s first abortion case in 9 years. Threatening the very foundation of Roe vs. Wade.

A big part of Charmaine Yoest’s strategy, amping up more then ever coming into the 2016 presidential campaign year, is preaching that being anti-choice is somehow empowering for women, but the fact is that her entire vendetta is based on chipping away at laws that would make it harder for women to have an empowered choice, or even the right to make her own decision. This approach, that she covers in honey, with hugely generalized, misinformation sound bytes and campaigns like “pro-life, pro-women”, “the women’s protection project”, “The Selma Project”, and “#blackwomenmatter,” is a complete hoax.

The latter campaign mentioned is the most harmful. As it is historically known, that when abortion is illegal, minorities suffer the most, while white privileged women will always have access to abortions if they have the money and the resources. If Charmaine and her cronies really, truly cared about women’s healthcare, women’s empowerment, and black women’s lives they would stop making war on a woman’s right to make her own decisions, and spend all of that funding on truly compassionate projects that actually save women’s lives. But, uh…no, they are selling pro-life crisis centers as the alternative to actual health clinics with actual medical resources, which is a deceitful and an extremely harmful act against all women.

What is most revealing of the falsehood of AUL’s “pro-women’s” veneer, is that her model policies would make it incredibly hard for women to get birth control pharmaceuticals. You will almost never hear Charmaine boasting about this, accept to insinuate, “they have life-ending properties,” Her agenda aims to defund health clinics that provide birth control resources and services. AUL has also spent much time and energy defending the legal rights of companies and organizations that refuse to cover birth control options for women, even though it is proven to reduce the statistics of abortions.

I don’t believe the hype and no matter how AUL tries to honey coat their agenda, they are, and always have been, “engineering” a war on women. The Selma Project banner posted here, truly exposes how low AUL will go, to try and align their agenda to the civil rights movement, when truly, the only act of violence I see, is that they are the ones targeting black women to serve their own purpose.

Denise CumorAUL, Pro abortion