The Red Tent Collective

I would like to dedicate this blog to all of the women that carried the red thread of the moon time mysteries through the ages and planted the seeds for the re-awakening today, from our ancestors to the modern day intuits of the last few decades,  Thank you Nuit Moore, Susan Weed, Demetra George, Judy Grahn, Linda Heron Wind, Celu Amberstone, Lara Owen, Jeanine Parvati Baker, Spider, Kisma Stepanich, Luisa Francia, Miranda Gray, Blood Sisters, Vicki Noble, Beverly Biehr, Limina, The Open Circle, Tamara Slayton, Sharon Golub, Deana L’am, Penelope Shuttle.

For many years I have been made spiritually aware by the universe of something I equate to the collective consciousness awakening. Although the term “collective consciousness” was coined by French sociologist Émile Durkheim in 1893, I believe that Carl Jung was tapped into the deeper, more spiritual aspects of the collective mind when he theorized the collective unconscious a few decades later. The theories Jung introduced, of the human collective unconscious, is the powerful ability for people to hold symbols and archetypes and their meanings sacred across time and space, without having any previous exposure environmentally or an awareness of others that are holding the same beliefs in synchronicity far away on the map at the very same time.

“The collective unconscious comprises in itself the psychic life of our ancestors right back to the earliest beginnings. It is the matrix of all conscious psychic occurrences, and hence it exerts an influence that compromises the freedom of consciousness in the highest degree, since it is continually striving to lead all conscious processes back into the old paths.” -Jung

With the internet, it is safe to say we have become far more confirmed in our psychic synchronicity as we can so easily validate these profound connections in lightening speed, across the globe in a few clicks, with the minimal tapping of keys. Needless to say, Jung would be blown away by the great web that modern technology has spawned.  I will also go as far to say that he might even theorize that without the collective higher mind, we would not have been able to conceive of the internet.

The most profound experiences of my life have been when I was directly but inadvertently, tapped into the collective human consciousness, or rather unconsciousness, resulting in extraordinary spiritual affirmations and every one of these awakened moments Divine Feminine in their essence. I learned early in my quest for spiritual truth, before being introduced to Jungian theories or Joseph Campbell, about the paleolithic and neolithic Goddesses of our ancestors. I remember the moment that I grasped the brilliance of Her hive mind, and I understood the simple fact that she was worshiped collectively yet unconsciously, across the globe, and through centuries of her being buried in the ground, we reclaim Her, and open the channels for the collective knowing. I remember crying tears of joy.

Many years later I was about to embark on creating a sacred space for women, in a tent that I would take on the road, traveling to various Pagan events with the mission of facilitating women’s empowerment. Yet a name for the space eluded me. No titles I imagined seemed to conjure the essence of the vision I was creating… and then a friend gave me a book, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, loosely based on the biblical characters of the Book of Genesis, Dinah and the women of her tribe. Through the harsh restrictions and hardships of their lives, they all found comfort and support when they gathered together once a month, during their menses, to share their memories and worship the forbidden Goddesses passed down to them for generations from their ancestors. I can’t say the story had a profound impact on me all at once, but I can surely say that the book changed my life.

The Red Tent crept in and thus began the most important initiation of my life, weaving curiosities into my own relationship with my blood, that before resembled more of an Ani Di Franco, “I just left a big brown blood stain on their white chair,” ferocity to complete and utter awe. I felt dumbfounded. How was I blinded to such truths? I was a Goddess worshiping, lunar lover, that bowed with head low to the ground before the sacred yoni. I felt duped. I felt so many other women in my communities were also duped. And then I felt the awakening, I knew I had work to do. I knew the name of my sacred space. I knew this was absolutely necessary.

2 years into the work, I was raising The Red Tent at various festivals. My main focus was on sexuality, menstrual empowerment, Divine Feminine and reproductive health. I was holding sacred space for women, teaching workshops and selling a variety of empowerment tools, including moon cups and books. It was late that second season when I met a woman who asked me if I was aware of other Red Tents, and I honestly had not heard of anyone else using the name. So when I got home from the event, I immediately searched the internet and found, not just one or two, but many women facilitating Red Tents. This was indeed an affirmation of epic goose bump proportions. The Red Tent is indeed a collective consciousness awakening. Women had felt the same powerful calling in their psyches and I was a part of something very big and amazing.

This is the most important aspect of what The Red Tent taught me, the power of the collective consciousness. When women bleed together and raise energy in sacred spaces, they build bright beacons in the collective mind, making the cognitive signal stronger, the growing branches reaching out further… and the voice on the wind, calling women to gather together, can be heard in the deepest places of our knowing. Women awaken to the collective wombspace and come home. When all women renew their ties to their own moon mysteries, we heal ourselves. When we are together, we bleed together. This is not just magic but unexplained scientific phenomena. When we collectively bleed together in sacred spaces we are making positive transformation in our communities. When we collectively bleed on a global scale, we can shift the paradigms and bring great healing to the world. Within the mysteries of every woman’s blood is the collective Divine Feminine.

The Red Tent is a catalyst for positive change. Once I truly encompassed this level of knowing and let it take hold of me at the very core, The Red Tent transformed my journey once again. I saw my traveling tent as a template of inspiration for women, and thus set out to reach as many communities as possible, teaching the collective awakening, encouraging women to tap into the collective Divine Feminine by forming their own local Red Tent communities or reaching out to already established Red Tents in their areas. With so many communities and resources out there now, women can find the support to begin this journey and find their place in the collective.

I have also begun to understand, from my own experiences, the need to make Red Tents more accessible to all women, to find ways to bring women’s sacred spaces to those women who need it most and have the least access to it. If you have had the experience of being in a women’s collective, felt the connection and awakened, you are blessed. But the reality is for every blessed women there are so many more alone and without safety, in real harms way. The real work, here and now, is reaching out to women who do not have the resources or access, bringing them into The Red Tent, because all women matter and all women have a place in the collective awakening.