*From the Archives* New Age Blessings 2012

I wanted to take a few moments to inspire all of you, my FB tribe. It is rare, when I do so, but please take a few minutes to read, investigate and contemplate. Anyone that wishes for better days, for corruption to end and for the humans of the world to         evolve or wake up, this is your time...our time. I have been so sad to see all of the comedy and misinterpretation of the Mayans calendar that instead of shutting down, I write this. The Mayans did not prophetize the end of the world on December 21st, 2012, they had a calendar that ends on that day as a new one begins after, not anywhere near the mindset of fear and loathing brought to you by western sensationalized media hype. This is not the end of the world but yet a historical time of transition...an age we are moving into that is awakening people to there place in the universe and the intricate connections of all living things. This was interpreted by the Hindu's and the ancient Egyptians as they all see the cycles of thousands of years as related to the planets and stars in our galaxy and how they affect us personally and globally. The star Sirius A and our star the Sun are in a dual system http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIzirVkNvkE and are making there long journey's back towards each other as we come into the Aquarius age, when all solstices land on a fixed sign [Aquarius-Air, Taurus-Earth, Leo-Fire, Scorpio-water] representing all four elements [even the bible has a reference of god having four heads, representing each of these signs]. This is some powerful cosmic energy and light coming back towards us and will make changes in our universe and the earth and to all humans on a massive level. Not to be funny, but yes, this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. The Hindu's also have a long cyclical calendar, based on ages, we are coming out of the Kali Yuga, a time of darkness were sin over powers virtue and moving into the Dvapara Yuga, where virtue or awakenings to truth manifest. and begin to recognize and balance the sin. http://baharna.com/karma/yuga.htm What does all of this mean? A bunch of "new age" bullshit, maybe. But all I ask, whatever your spiritual beliefs are, is to take a moment to recognize that you are alive in this most historical and auspicious time. To recognize the awesomeness of your place in this massive galaxy. And maybe even to contemplate your own existence, give yourself the love and respect to meditate on this and find your own truths and your own path and while you meditate be thankful for the world we live in and the amazing potential we have yet to even recognize in ourselves, and count yourself among the enlightened ones that will know our place in the universe and move towards a world of love and peace for ourselves and each other. This is what we all truly want in our hearts, not war and greed and hate and pain. And we can all smile knowing we are the ancestors of children that will live and prosper in the golden age. To rephrase, do not fear this auspicious time but revel in the awakenings that it shall bring to you and manifest your true paths, full of enlightenment. Wake up all you sleepy heads and welcome the sun and Sirius back.

Happy New Age to everyone.

Denise Cumor