*From the Archives* Moon Over Lisa Adams

What is the work you do? My work is multi-layered. It centers on healing and catalyzing awareness in others (and in myself) so that we may all do the work of healing ourselves, society, and ultimately, Mother Earth. This Work primarily includes massage, shamanism, energy work, ritual, readings, and Priestessing. I use many mediums, and ask probing, uncomfortable questions. When we have the awareness of our own wounds and shadows, then transmute and/or love those parts of ourselves more completely, we are better able to be present in life and our vibration is higher. Our Presence, then, ripples out and raises the awareness and vibration of all those whose lives we touch. Change begins within, then radiates outward.

How did the manifestations of Goddess Powered come to be? Goddess Powered has been an evolution, and continues to be an evolution of my work, my life, and my understanding of the universal workings of Divine energy in our lives. I’ve been a witch and Priestess my entire life, but my awareness of those roles and what they mean has grown incrementally over the last 30 years. Just over 5 years ago, I left a long-term marriage and had to start over in many ways. Immediately upon leaving I realized I had grown too comfortable and complacent, and that I was no longer in touch with my True Self. As I began asking myself what I wanted, it took some time to figure out the answers. Goddess Powered is the answer to those questions. It is my forum and my medium; my desire to do the Work I was born into this life to do – to serve, to heal, to Priestess, to shake things up and wake people from their own complacency. I’ve changed in some profoundly fundamental ways in the last year alone, and thus, my work has evolved. I’m excited to see how it continues to grow and expand, as well as what is pruned. Goddess Powered is a living, breathing entity.

Can you explain your involvement and approach to the Red Tent Collective? I would have to say that I consider myself somewhat of a newcomer to the Red Tent Collective. Even as my work is woman-focused and Goddess-centered, I only recently began direct engagement in the inner workings of the Red Tent. Women’s Mysteries became more poignant and intriguing to me as I began perimenopause, and simultaneously became inspired by the work of SiStar Priestesses like Nuit Moore, yourself, Sera Beak, and others. Perimenopause has been like the awakening of a serpent-dragon that laid dormant for lifetimes. I feel most at home and connected when I engage with other women in sacred space.

I know that your worshipping Divine Feminine is at the center of much of the work you do, how to you describe your spiritual beliefs, practices? I believe that all of life is connected and unified, and that the Divine expresses Itself in many ways and infinite forms. I love that we can choose how we wish to express our beliefs and devotion. When I discovered Paganism and the Goddess, I found my preferred expression of ecstatic, magical, mystical, and profane, worship. I found my spiritual home.

Do you consider yourself to be a feminist? If so, how does that integrate into your work? My life – everything I do – is in service to Her. An ardent dedication to all that She is. A reflection of striving to be more divinely human and Goddess at the same time. There is no separation. She waited patiently for me to awaken. When I finally did, I stepped with consciousness on to The Path, by ritually devoting myself to Her. When I did, She was like “It’s about damn time. We’ve got work to do. Roll up your sleeves, so we can get started.”

I consider myself a Feminist because I believe in, and fight for, justice and equality of all people, all races, every gender, every orientation. Empowering people to own their rightful, Spirit-given, powerful selves, is my act of defiance to all that would keep us/them down.

As a feminist how do you feel about the current political environment we exist in as women? Politics is a tricky dichotomy to me; at once hopeful and frustrating. I know, I see, I feel, women rising up from the ashes of their own lives and their fucked-up beginnings, to stand together and with their loved ones, to create new possibilities. Women are healing and loving themselves, and by extension their communities, to health and wholeness. The tired “old boy” paradigms no longer work or fit in society as the global community calls - cries out - for compassion. While these men remain in places of power, it will always feel like struggle. When we elect a 40-something feminist, environmentalist, pagan woman, then I will feel represented in government. To see more and more women step up in to positions as world leaders and heads of state, demonstrates the rise in consciousness that I witness every day. That is where the hope lies.

As warrior woman what advice would you give to women to make change in the world? I stand strong and fierce as a warrior. My advice to others is to love themselves as fiercely as they would love another. I’d say to know yourself – all your strengths, all your shadows – and listen within. Whatever your heart/intuition/gut/instincts/yoni tells you, THAT is the truth for you. Stand in that truth. Articulate that truth. Speak truth to power. Defend your truth. Live it. And, set the boundaries it takes to contain and protect that truth; it is the way to love. Loving yourself is the most defiant, healing work we can engage. It is also the bravest.

Can you elaborate on some of the workshops you currently teach and why are they important to you? At present, I’m looking at developing and teaching a workshop on OM-ing, that is, Orgasmic Meditation. It’s a partnered practice, which has as its goal, to relax, open, and focus solely on the point of connection between partners. I plan to partner with dear friends to bring this work to our community as a means towards healing, deepening connections, and opening us up to feeling as opposed to numbing out. The more open and vulnerable we can live, the more fully engaged we are with all of life. And then, perhaps we can love and breathe through the painful, murky places. This inner work is work I aspire to for myself and my own healing. I’m excited to watch it unfurl.

Can you elaborate on your artistic projects and creations? My art is primarily expressed through writing and ritual, though it may take the form of other mediums – how I move my body, the things I create with my hands, the healing work I do. Right now I have this list of creative projects I want to do, but have been dedicating myself to other things that are more time-sensitive, such as my business, school, etc. As I write this I realize the thing to do is to make a date with myself to create! My art is calling to me to come and play.  Stay tuned…

Who are the heroines in your life and why? My heroines are the women I know and see every day who are doing the work of Mother/Sister/Partner/Healer/Priestess/Game-changer/Teacher/Community member/Artist/Gardener/Soul-Shaker/Organizer, etc. These are the women who are getting their asses up every day, showing up in the world, and making sure the Work gets done.

What are your plans for this upcoming year? What is brewing in the pot? As far as the upcoming year is concerned, I don’t like to make a lot of plans, as those tend to get swept by the wayside. I do have intentions and focuses which include taking excellent care of my body temple and beginning a master’s degree program in Nutrition and Functional Medicine. I intend to find ways to step outside my comfort zone, have fun, love more fiercely, and expand my awareness on every level possible.



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