All Women Are Goddesses

For many years I have done women’s work from my gut, pure and instinctual. It took 2 years before I even knew other women were doing Red Tents and I was totally blown away. And in this time, I check in to see what is going on out there, in other spaces, with other facilitators, as the RT community grows. This has stretched me and also transformed my work in many positive ways and more recently a strong vision to move in a direction of outreach, to find ways to bring women’s sacred spaces to those women who need it most and have the least access to it. That is why I find it harder and harder to feel comfortable or aligned with the obvious privilege that is so woven into the movement, the business of women’s empowerment and in some cases, the snake oil marketing. If you have had the experience of being in a women’s collective and felt the connection and awakened, opening your soul, you are blessed. But the reality is for every blessed women there are so many more alone and without safety, in real harms way. The real work, here and now, is reaching out to women who do not have the resources or access, bringing them into sacred space, because all women matter. ALL WOMEN ARE GODDESSES. All women deserve to be honored and held. All women have the power to awaken. Everyone woman is sacred. Without holding that at the center of the work, we lose sight of the vision and reclamation of our power as a universal force for real change. We spend more time selling & buying our ideas of empowerment, then actually living lives supported by each other.

Denise Cumor