A soiled woman, as with dirt, who conceives, gives birth to or raises children…

So you might ask, what is a Dirty Mother? The answer is simple and yet complex.  The uttering of the words “Dirty Mother,” starts back a decade ago with band mates, at a party, our minds altered through psilocybin, observing a moon bounce trudging slowly down the slight hill of the yard it sat in, sucking in and spatting out ecstatic and blissed out party goer after party goer with a noisy and droning generator dragging behind. As I watched the madness in awe, the moon bounce became a giant womb, birthing her ecstatic, blissed out children. I was transfixed by this entities awesome display and when I finally got the courage to jump into The Womb, after only a few moments of bouncing and falling, I was hysterical with laughter and tears as if I was transformed a young child.  I threw up my arms and gave myself then and there to the giant womb Goddess. My exact words were, “Take me now!” And I meant them. Soon after giving my life to The Womb, there in the moon bounce, I began chanting spontaneously, “One Big Vagina, Dirty Mother, coming at you.” Thus the deity, alignment and naming of Dirty Mother came into my life. 

I identify with these 2 words conjoined on a very core and primal level, as they expounded in me a sexually divine, yet trickster raunchy and outspoken, feminine power.  I became a warrior priestess of the Dirty Mother. At first, I always had many people asking me, “what does that mean?” but through years of doing the sacred feminine work and identifying it as my core sacred self, I hardly get asked that question anymore. Guided by my inner Dirty Mother, I have found many women and men that align with the saucy courageous vibe that surrounds the energy these words have created in my life. A Dirty Mother is a sacred sexuality warrior, healer, artist and activist, living her (and sometimes his) life without compromise, out and open, fearless and feminine and frolicking, despite the baggage and shit we must trudge through in a male dominated world full of  womyn’s oppression. We like to fuck, dig deep, speak our own truths, dance naked and own our baggage.