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Red Tent & Workshops - Public Events

If you are interested in having me facilitate a Red Tent, teach a workshop or host an event, I am available to travel up to a 200 mile radius for events and festivals  and will consider your event for no fee, if you include 2 complimentary registration entrance fees, lodging (and meals when available) and vending space. If the event is further the 200 miles from my residence, travel expenses will be included.

Red Tent Private Events & House Calls

If you have considered starting a Red Tent in your home I am available for house calls and private events. I will provide services with no fees for groups of 12 or more within a 200 mile radius of my homestead. Space for vending empowerment tools is required. If the location is beyond a 200 mile radius, I am available to travel with expenses covered by the Event Coordinator or Hostess. All private bookings include a free Dirty Mother T-shirt or a $20 gift card to the Hostess or Event Coordinator. 

I am also available for consultation about starting a Red Tent collective and will freely share information with you.



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