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The Scarlet Den at THE Beltane

May 1-5, 2019

Darlington, MD


Red Tent at Blue Ridge Beltane

May 16-19, 2019

Capon Bridge, WV


A variety of womyn's empowerment workshops and events are offered in the Red Tent, on a variety of topics, including; sacred sexuality, menstruation, reproductive health, pre-patriarchal wisdom and reclamation, Divine Feminine spirituality,  and Dark Goddess transformation.


Denise Cumor

is a Priestess, Educator & Facilitator of The Red Tent, who defies the patriarchal paradigm by following her own intuitive path, through creative expression and her commitment to empower womyn (and everyone) in the arts & history of sexuality and divine feminine worship.

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The Creation Story...

So you might ask, what is a Dirty Mother? The answer is simple and yet complex.  The uttering of the words “Dirty Mother,” starts back a decade ago with band mates, at a party, our minds altered through psilocybin, observing a moon bounce trudging slowly down the slight hill of the yard it sat in...



Along with the sacred space for womyn, The Red Tent sells empowerment tools & art; vagina rattles & statuary, Venus Envies (handcrafted ceramic dildoes,) Twisted Sisters art prints, moon cups, yoni eggs, spheres & ben wah balls, She-wees, Dir-tees (themed t-shirts), Yoni care packages, herbs & tinctures for reproductive health and more!

One big vagina, Dirty Mother, coming at you. Never turn your back on her.
— Denise Cumor

Dirty Mouther

Dirty Mother is a sacred sexuality warrior, healer, artist and activist, living her life without compromise, out and open, fearless and feminine and frolicking, despite the baggage and shit she must trudge through in a male dominated world full of  womyn’s oppression. She likes to fuck, dig deep, speak her truths, dance naked and own her baggage. 


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